ZW 19 Fang Tiger

The Fang Tiger was one of the most anticipated releases from the initial Zoids Wild launch. Appearing early on in the anime, and portrayed as a powerful combative Zoid, the Fang Tiger was a really awesome Zoid to look forward to. The model kit delivers well, a cool design and sharp look, a motorized gimmick it shares with the Wild Liger, but with its own take on the back blades, and a fairly easy build. People of all ages can get on board with this medium sized kit.

For veteran Zoid fans the size is comparable to a Liger Zero’s or Saber Tiger’s. But the new building mechanic makes it a much simpler task to take on.



The three Fang Tiger variants.

For the Fang Tiger variants, click below

Fang Tiger Saber | Fang Tiger White Tiger Form

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