Limited-003 RZ-028 Blade Liger Clear Version (BluRay Edition)

Mainly starting the page for this. I still have to built the kit.

This is the version of the Blade Liger kit released with the Chaotic Century/Guardian Force BluRay set back in 2013. Blade Liger and Liger Zero have been the only two HMM Kotobukiya Clear Zoids to have an actual release. All other Clear Zoids from Koto have been very limited prizes or giveaways.



These are the figures that come with this kit. Standing versions of Fiona and Van, as well as pilot versions. Zeke has a core version too. This Blade Liger is supposed to represent Van’s adventures after his Liger evolved, but before the events of Guardian Force. Basically before it obtains the Attack Booster.

Zeke with the other Organoid figures, The differen’t organoids have been packed in a few sets. If I recall Zeke has been released in 3, Shield Liger Van, Blade Liger Van and this one.



The decals on this kit are water slide decals.


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