ZW15 Awakened Wild Liger

The Awakened Wild Liger is more of an update on the first one. With a much better gold paint, and more shiny blue and an improved motor, it is the version of the Wild Liger I would recommend getting if you just want one Wild Liger and have no interest in variants. Seriously Wild Liger variants are a rabbit hole you want to avoid.

The one I got ended up being a Korean release, despite buying it of Amazon Japan. There is virtually no difference between Korean releases and Japanese ones. Only minor thing with the Awakened Wild Liger is a booklet the Japanese release had. (Which was why I bought it of Amazon Japan, but oh well).

As of this post (August 2019) the Awakening Wild Liger, being a limited run, has become harder to find and the price for it has been going up. If you manage to find one, regardless of release, for a good deal, I highly recommend it.


The instructions that come with this version of the kit are the same that come with the standard initial release.

For the other (many) Wild Liger variants click below.

Armor/Kit Variants

Wild Liger| Wild Liger Blade | Wild Liger Evil | Wild Liger Guren (WHF) | Wild Liger Extreme Release Form | Wild Liger Fang

Sticker Variants
Wild Liger Sky Peace|Wild Liger Blue Flame| Wild Liger Black Lion| Wild Liger Blue Thunder | Wild Liger First Kitchen A (Red & Orange)| Wild Liger First Kitchen B (Black & Red)| Wild Liger First Kitchen C (Black & Orange)| Wild Liger First Kitchen D (Orange)

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