ZW16 Hunter Wolf

One of the most popular Zoids from this line, the Hunter Wolf proved to be a must have for pretty much anyone collecting the Zoids Wild kits.

The Hunter Wolf has a very cool and sleek design to it, and a very interesting Wild Blast gimmick that has to modes. The rotating weapon on its back can be tilted forwards and backwards.

The build is fairly simple and is more of a tweaked Wild Liger frame. This is an approach seen in several of the Zoids Wild kits. Using core bodies for different Zoid designs that have different gimmicks. The Hunter Wolf does it well enough to full distinguish itself from the Ligers and Tiger kits.



Three official variations have been released of this Zoid the standard (Blue), Hunter Wolf Command and Hunter Wolf Flame Armor. For more pictures and details on the other Hunter Wolf variants click below.

Hunter Wolf Command | Flame Wolf

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