ZW12 Death Rex

The big bad Zoid of the first Wild Anime, Death Rex is one of the “large size” Zoids from the Zoids Wild toyline. Second big Zoid released after Grachiosaururs.

While not as big as classic large Zoids like the Ultrasaurus or Deathsaurer, the Death Rex is a pretty decent size, probably closer to a Death Stinger. Assembly is fairly simple, despite the kit being on the bigger side, the amount of parts isn’t as much as a that of a classic kit. The parts are just chunky sized!

The Death Rex also has one of the coolest gimmicks in my opinion, with it’s jaws opening up revealing a mouth cannon of sorts that spins and lights up, and the “claw like wings” on its shoulders move forward to cover the sides of the face.



I also had a Custom Death Rex armor made, you can find it here.

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