Flame/Hunter Wolf Phoenix (Flame/Hunter Wolf + Fire Phoenix Parts)

Surprisingly, the Flame Wolf armor matches the Japanese Fuzors Fire Phoenix armor really well. As of this writing, I am waiting for comparison pictures of the standard Hunter Wolf next to the blue Fire Phoenix, to see if that color combination works out. As Flame Wolf is a limited armor not everyone has access to. Unless of course, you want to paint the different parts yourself so the can match.

Here are the Fire Phoenix parts you’ll need.

Remove the cheek and back caps, as well as the shoulder armor from your wolf.

We are going to apply this little part to the cheek pegs. You may need to apply some force and play around with it a bit for it to fit correctly.

Try to make sure both sides align like this.

Insert the face armor parts into the pegs like this. Make sure the peg goes in to the front hole.

Now on the back pegs, insert the blox.

Connect the wings, and secure the connection with the grey piece.

As for the guns, make sure the peg is inserted into the upper hole.

And there you go! You got a flying wolf now.

And it can walk too!

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