ZW 01 Wild Liger Diaz Custom (Articulated)

Wild Liger Diaz Custom, or the Wild Liger that shows up in Zoids Wild Zero.

The moment this thing showed up in the show I looked at my backlog and remembered I still had an unopened Wild Liger. And because I decided to sacrifice my Cannon Bull to make another custom Zoid, I had a spare Cannon Bull backpack. The large stash of Zoids Wild weapons I had helped too, I had spares of the long range rifles to utilize and the rear leg missile launchers.

And with the resources at hand I got to work!

Finally articulated the Liger and figured out how to have everything move correctly. Now it was time to paint.

5 thoughts on “ZW 01 Wild Liger Diaz Custom (Articulated)

      1. Whereabouts do you list them? or is it more a case of people who come directly to you? i’ve looked for ‘custom zoids’ online, but i can’t seem to find any platforms that actually cater to it.


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