Here I’m listing the websites, pages and people that have helped me and/or I’ve referred to in regards to all things Zoids that motivated me to make this little blog site.

Aurora Lion

Artist and customizer whose work I’ve looked up to for many years. Recently I’ve had the opportunity to purchase a few pieces from her. She has made some of the most beautiful and well constructed customs I’ve seen from the Zoids community, and has drawn some of the most beautiful artwork I’ve seen overall. One of my biggest inspirations for articulating Zoids

Deviant Art| INPRNT| Website

Sir Phobos Boa

Customizer who’s inspired me to keep pursuing Zoids kitbashing, working with garage kits and going all out with the hobby. He has an amazing collection, a whole diorama room dedicated to it. And some of the most badass customs around.


Rayse Whitz (ZG Zoids)

A man of many names. Probably one of the most creative and talented Zoid customizers ever. His customs range from entirely original Zoid designs he crafts from spare parts of even random items he finds, to awesome retoolings of classic Zoids that really bring the term “customized Zoid” to life. I hope to one day get close to having the ability of creating more original custom designs like his.


Orion (ZarWolf)

A passionate Zoider I met at the Zoids Discord. He was very supportive of the community and was always very enthusiatic to share new information and to see all the projects everyone was working on. Really big fan of the new Zoids Wild line, his enthusiam motivated me to go all out with the line and truly enjoy it. Thank you dude!


The biggest support I’ve ever had in anything in my life was from him, and my Zoids hobby was no exception. Unconditional with his love, he always wanted to find ways to help me grow. And despite not really knowing what a Zoid was, he saw their building and mechanical factor as something I could gain something good out of. Whether it was artistic, organizational, or just a pure sincere escape from reality. He always supported my love for Zoids and was always willing to help me get them since I was a kid. Thank you for everything, no words can sum up the gratitude I feel for you.

The Iron Bible

The go to, basically defacto fan page of the Zoids english speaking community. This website has helped many Zoiders, including myself, over the years stay up to date and reference content. The amount of detail and effort gone into every single page and update is amazing. Thank you very much for all your hard work and devotion to Zoids, Hanyoutai.

The Iron Bible

Zoids LatinoAmerica

A Spanish speaking Facebook Fan Page. This humble page is ran by some genuinely good hearted people that want to share one of their biggest love from childhood with the rest of the spanish speaking community. I was given the honor of joining their team in early 2018, and have met some wonderful and supportive people since then. And best of all, have helped share the love of Zoids with even more people than I ever expected. Thank you for the opportunity guys.

Zoids LatinoAmerica