ZW 01 Wild Liger Articulated

In summer 2018 Zoids relaunched with the Zoids Wild line. I told myself I was going to buy two Wild Ligers. One to keep as is and one to articulate.

That I did. And the project would open a pandora’s box I cannot close back up. Articulating Wild Zoids is a thing, an awesome thing. An awesome thing a lot of people all over are enjoying.

As of this writing it’s been nearly 2 years since the line has launched and over a year and a half since I’ve finished the intial custom. Compared to my more recent projects, there’s some room for improvement despite de core formula remaining the same. The most important lesson learn, don’t use Megablox/Mega Contrux joints. Those don’t hold well over time. Use Lego, Lego fares excellently to the test of time.

As Wild Liger was my first venture into articulating a (Takara) Tomy kit, I didn’t have much prior experience articulating, and didn’t want to invest to much in parts I wasn’t sure where going to work. All I knew was kitbashing Tomy models with Kotobukiya models and did spend many hours trying to make a Liger Zero out of Lego, which introduced me to the world of Lego joints. Oh and the little Lego Chima articulated animals. I spend a lot of time with those too. Because of the lack of experience articulating Zoid models at the time, I deicded to go with the parts I had, which where mostly Megablox/Mega Contrux joints and some Lego.

One thing I’ve yet to figure out correctly is how to give more articulation to the rear legs without destroying them. This applies to both the feline and canine bodies.

Wild Liger became the first of several articulated Wild Zoids I’ve done since then. So far I’ve figured out how to articulate about 5 of the body types.

While I’ve articulated pretty much every cat from the Zoids Wild line so far, it would be some time until I articulated another true Wild Liger…..

Let’s look at the Wild Liger from Zoids Wild Zero! The Republican Diaz Custom!