ZW 01 Wild Liger Diaz Custom (Articulated)

Wild Liger Diaz Custom, or the Wild Liger that shows up in Zoids Wild Zero.

The moment this thing showed up in the show I looked at my backlog and remembered I still had an unopened Wild Liger. And because I decided to sacrifice my Cannon Bull to make another custom Zoid, I had a spare Cannon Bull backpack. The large stash of Zoids Wild weapons I had helped too, I had spares of the long range rifles to utilize and the rear leg missile launchers.

And with the resources at hand I got to work!

Finally articulated the Liger and figured out how to have everything move correctly. Now it was time to paint.

Murasame Liger Battle Damage Articulated Custom

This Murasame is the results of trying to salvage a kit twice. The initial “form” of this individual was the Toys R Us limited Murasame Liger that came with the Ruuji figure. But after suffering a flood back in 2012 that cost me most of my Zoids and most remaining ones to loose parts, I was left with a midly incomplete Murasame Liger. I had taken and modified surviving parts from my other Murasame that perished to try to complete this one. Some of the head fins are actually the same fins twice (has to of the same right fin, but modified the second to fit the left).

Eventually I managed to get my hands on the Tateishi Store resin kit. And decided to try it out since my Murasame was incomplete. Thought I wasn’t gonna loose much by experimenting with it. I had never worked with a resin kit before. The result had been passable, but the paint could be easily scratched of.

With time I got better at customizing Zoids and felt it was time to pay another visit to this old boy. Removing the old paint was going to be to much of a hassle, so I decided to do something different and just make it look like a weathered and battle damaged Zoid.

Realizing the resin was starting to break in some joints I decided to add Lego ball joints to it, which in turn also made it more poseable. The tail also was missing a bit, so I took some bits from a spare Schneider armor I had and use some of it’s blade tips to do the job.