ZW01 Wild Liger Extreme Release Form (Clear Ver.)

Wild Liger Extreme Release Form, or Clear Wild Liger like most in the fandom call it. This release is one of the CoroCoro 100 limited kits from a monthly sweepstakes, and has become one of the most sought after kits of the wild line.

It is so far the only fully clear Zoids Wild model. The beautiful blue on colorless clear make it a very beautiful peace.

Clear Wild Liger with Saber Fang Holotech.
Clear Wild Liger with HMM Clear Liger Zero.
Left Clear Wild Liger Cap, right regular Wild Liger Cap
Clear Wild Liger with some of the other Wild Liger variants.
Clear Fang Blades


The instructions this version of Wild Liger brings are the same as the standard first release.

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ZW19 Fang Tiger White Tiger Form

One of the Coro Coro 100 limited armor sets given during a monthly sweeptakes, Fang Tiger Wild Tiger form was given out in a bag alongside a boxed Fang Tiger kit.

The Fang Tiger White Tiger is actually a version of the Zoid showcased in the Zoids Wild manga serialized by CoroCoro.


The three Fang Tiger variants.

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Fang Tiger | Fang Tiger Saber

ZW16 Flame Wolf (Hunter Wolf Flame Armor )

One of the CoroCoro 100 Limited releases, Flame Wolf is one of the highly sought after Zoids from the Wild line. The 5th CoroCoro 100.

The striking red color makes this armor set a really appealing one With the red balancing well with the yellow caps. Released only as an armor set, it was given away in a seperate bag from the Hunter Wolf kit box. Basically people got a standard Hunter Wolf with the addition of the Flame Armor.


This is the instruction guide that came with the Flame Armor bag.

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