RZ 028 Blade Liger (NJR)

The Blade Liger is one of the most iconic Zoids alongisde Shield Liger, Liger Zero and Gojulas. Featured as the main Zoid of the first anime, Zoids Chaotic Century, and featured in some episodes of Zoids New Century and Zoids Fuzors.

The blue variation of the Blade Liger, the one piloted by Van, did not see a release in the regions handled soley by Hasbro. While they did show a prototype at a Toy Fair, their version of the kit barely went beyond that,

The biggest difference between the Tomy and Hasbro Blade Ligers aside from the color lies in the fangs and teeth. On any Tomy Blade Liger they’re diecast metal, while on the Hasbro releases they’re plastic.

Another thing that did not see a release in the Hasbro handled regions was the CP 12 Attack Booster accessory that could be bought for the Blade Liger motorized kit.

The Blade Liger is a medium sized Zoid, with a fairly easy level of assembly.

ZW 19 Fang Tiger

The Fang Tiger was one of the most anticipated releases from the initial Zoids Wild launch. Appearing early on in the anime, and portrayed as a powerful combative Zoid, the Fang Tiger was a really awesome Zoid to look forward to. The model kit delivers well, a cool design and sharp look, a motorized gimmick it shares with the Wild Liger, but with its own take on the back blades, and a fairly easy build. People of all ages can get on board with this medium sized kit.

For veteran Zoid fans the size is comparable to a Liger Zero’s or Saber Tiger’s. But the new building mechanic makes it a much simpler task to take on.



The three Fang Tiger variants.

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Fang Tiger Saber | Fang Tiger White Tiger Form