ZW 01 Wild Liger First Kitchen D

The First Kitchen sticker sets where distributed through Wendy’s as a promotional campaign. Most likely in a similar vein to Happy Meal toys.

Considering the nature of their distribution, the First Kitchen stickers don’t have that many parts to cover the liger like the Sky Flight and PSO variants.

All four First Kitchen Ligers

Sticker Scan:

Despite lacking in stickers for the Liger itself, the sheets brought plenty of other stickers.

ZW 01 Wild Liger Silver Lion Ver.

The Silver Lion sticker set was a CoroCoro limited distribution, and has become the rarest of the sticker sets to come by. It was a distribution in the August 2018 issue of CoroCoro magazine with 1000 copies being distributed.

The Silver Lion sticker set is one of the sets with the most sticker pieces to cover the Wild Liger body.

Stickers and Instructions:


ZW 01 Wild Liger PSO Ver.

Released as a promotional partnership between Takara Tomy and the game Phantasy Star Online, this variant of the Wild Liger came in pretty late in the game compared to its brothers. Pretty much around the time the third Liger, Rising Liger was released.

One interesting detail, the stickers are based on the armor of a player character.

Compared to Blue Flame and other more widely distributed sticker sets, PSO has many more stickers covering its body.

Box Scans:

While it utilizes the standard Wild Liger box, it has a PSO promotional band around the box to differentiate it from the standard release.

Stickers and Instructions:

Promotional Code:

The kit also came with a promotional code to download Wild Liger based armor in the game.


PSO related images:

Red alternate color. Seems only white and red are the options.
Character armor the sticker set is based on.

ZW 01 Wild Liger Sky Flight Ver.

Standard Wild Liger & Sky Flight Ver.

For one of the sticker variants, Sky Flight Liger is one of the variants with the most stickers to cover parts. This seems to be the case on the official release ones (Sky Flight and PSO) and the more limited distribution ones (Black Lion and Silver Lion.).

One thing I kind of enjoy about the sticker variants is that they give this kind of race car look to the design.

Sky Flight compared to Blue Flame. Sky Flight has more decals covering its body.

Sticker and Instructions Scans:

Box Images:

Beint a sort of limited edition, this Zoid came with its own box to promote the CD. Interestingly, inside the new box is the standard Wild Liger Box with all the Liger parts like a standard release.


Zoids Wild Fanbook #1

I’ve scanned all the non-manga content of the Zoids Wild Fanbook. I highly urge anyone interested in the book to get it.

Where to buy: Amazon JP




One really neat bonus that comes with the Fanbook is the Custom Battle Case. A nice little collectors box that can fit most medium sized Zoids. Even older classics like Liger Zero or Saber Tiger. (I did try Zoids like Shield Liger, and they won’t fit due to their long tail. With some others of that size, if you can remove or push down the tail it might work out).

Wild Liger Buster (Wild Liger + Buster Eagle Parts)

Zoids Wild and Zoids Fuzors parts actually work together. What was a simple question asked on the Zoids Discord server, opened the gates to potential customization options.

These are going to be the Buster Eagle parts you’ll need.

Now, remove the shoulder armor and rear claws from the liger.

We’re going to insert the Eagle claws to the rear legs.

Then to secure the claws, put on the caps on the inside of the joint.

Now insert the little grey pieces onto the hip armor peg. You may need to apply some force. Maybe even remove the armor part, insert the grey piece, and then put back the armor.

Now we are going to connect the Buster Cannons. Make sure you insert the upper peg into the smaller hole.

And there you go. That’s Wild Liger Buster!

Oh yeah, it walks too.

ZW01 Wild Liger Guren (WHF)

Wild Liger Guren is a limited edition version of Wild Liger with translucent red parts replacing the standard blue. It is a wider release version of the CoroCoro 100 limited. This version was sold at the World Hobby Fair event in Japan in early 2019.

The only differences between the WHF event version and the CoroCoro version seem to be that the CoroCoro has the shiny gold parts from the Wild Liger Awakening model.

WHF Guren and Awakening Wild Liger



The instructions that come with this version of the Wild Liger are the same as the initial standard release.