ZW 01 Wild Liger

The original Wild Liger, the flagship model kit of the intial Zoids Wild run and protagonist of the first anime. The red caps and white armor feel like a tribute to Liger Zero, while the blue armor bits on the shoulder and hip armor are obvious references Shield Liger, and the blade can be interpreted as nods to Murasame and Blade Liger due to their placement and colors.

The model does a well job of introducing us to a new Liger protagonist with it’s simple yet streamlined look. The model is a simple yet solid build. No longer do the ligers feel like they’re going to fall apart as soon as you hold them.

The concept of the bone mode is both the most ingenious, but the most limiting. Ingenious in the case of having the right creativity in design can allow for many different looking feline Zoids to all have the same bone body. Limiting in the sense that, they all have the same bone body. Great cost effective idea, that can also be a crutch to the longevity of this concept.

Orignal Wild Liger and Awakened Wild Liger.

While the original, there is an improved version out there. ZW 15 Awakened Wild Liger, with a faster motor and shinier blue armor. The ZW 15 has become pricier since its release as it was a one of print run. ZW 15 goes for about 70 USD, while the standard goes for half that. The Wild Liger has become widely recognized and a kit most fans of all ages end up picking up.


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